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Easy Research Paper Topics Will Inspire You to Write

What's the type of assignment that gives you the biggest headaches during college? For most students, it's the research paper. They can handle essays in one way or another. But when the time for a research project comes, they are absolutely stuck.

This is a more challenging project for a few reasons:

  • The research is more extensive. Even the easiest research paper topics require you to spend days reading through academic and scientific resources.
  • The content has to be longer. It's hard to write an essay because the “academic” style of writing doesn't seem natural. For a research paper, you'll deal with it for several pages.
  • It takes a lot of time to cover good research topics. You have to start weeks ahead, so you can have the project done on time. Some students find that impossible. They have multiple other tasks to cover. Most of them work. Research papers should be a priority, but no one really has the time for it.
  • The task can be overwhelming. A student spends a lot of time stressing about it before they even start. A research paper accounts for a huge part of the grade. If they get it wrong, they may fail the course.

What can you do to make this process easier? If you find interesting research topics that spark your imagination, the initial enthusiasm will keep you going.

It's a good thing that professors allow you to choose your own topics for research papers. It means that you can focus on easy research questions. We'll help you choose one!

What Topics Are Good for Research Papers?

There are a few indicators of a research paper topic that works:

  • It meets the requirements of the assignment. Your professor gave you specific guidelines for this project. They assigned a theme, which you should narrow down to a topic. If, for example, the theme is food safety, your topic has to stay within that framework.
  • A good topic is narrow. Food safety is too broad, so it can only serve as a theme. You can go for a topic like “Current situation in the U.S. with cat food safety.”
  • The topic should give you access to enough background research. Easy research topics will provide you from a vast array of resources to explore.
  • The topic must inspire you to write. Any theme, no matter how dull it seems at first, can be narrowed down into a topic that sparks an interest. When they fail to do that, students usually end up hiring a research paper writing service. If you don't care about food safety rules but you care about dogs, you can write about food safety for dogs. Think of something the professor said during class. What got your attention? Can you turn it into a topic?

How to Choose a Good Research Topic

We'll give you a few techniques that help you choose a topic that works.

1. Do some background research on the theme

If “food safety” is your theme, google it. You'll find many recent articles with issues related to the topic. Read through them. Use Google Scholar to conduct a deeper search into scientific and academic sources. You'll see that those researchers narrowed down that theme to precise issues. Is there anything that gets your attention?

If you're working on a research proposal, your topic has to be absolutely unique. However, you may combine a few of those sources to come up with an original blend. If it's a college research paper, you can research any topic you like. It won't matter if it's already been tackled by other researchers. You'll just need to make the content unique.

Take notes during this process. As you read through general data, you might forget what ideas you had and where they came from. A private Pinterest board is a great idea! You'll pin all resources and add notes to them.

2. Do some brainstorming

Now that you have some general information, you'll move onto the next step. You need to find out what your biggest interest is. Take a piece of paper and write down all ideas that come to mind. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad. Write them down! Then, you'll choose the one you like the most.

3. What's your general approach?

When you choose a topic from your list, think: what's your opinion on it? You'll base the research paper on different sources, but your unique arguments must shine through. Do you have something interesting to say?

4. Conduct deeper research

Now, it's time to dig into the resources. Read the abstracts of several related studies. You can use Google Scholar to find such resources. After that, ask yourself: are you still interested in the topic? If it seems overwhelming or boring, choose another one from the list you created through the brainstorming process and repeat the remaining steps.

What Are Some Easy Topics to Write a Research Paper On?

First, let's clarify something: there's no such thing as easy research papers. It's a type of assignment that demands some time and effort. But if you choose the right topic, you'll make it easier. We'll suggest a few easy research topics for college students in different categories. They work because they are narrow.

If you get inspired by one of them and it fits into your professor's requirements, you can feel free to choose it. You may also combine a few suggestions into a unique topic.

Psychology Research Topics

  • The depiction of schizophrenia in 20th-century literature
  • Rates of depression among international students in U.S. universities
  • Social pressure as a cause of borderline personality disorder

Biology Research Topics

  • The potential of Ebola as a biological weapon
  • Process of isolation of high molecular weight DNA from plants
  • Homosexuality and bisexuality in domestic cats

Sociology Research Topics

  • How modern society still imposes gender roles
  • Unethical propaganda and persuasion in modern-day social media marketing
  • How social circumstances led to the rise of house music

Science Research Topics

  • Experimental plant growth control
  • Genetic abnormalities rates: comparison between the past and the present situation
  • Can there be any form of life on Mars?

History Research Topics

  • Gender roles throughout the history
  • The evolution of cars in the 21st century
  • Social relationships in France during Napoleon's rule

Nursing Research Topics

  • Mental health in children during prolonged hospital stay
  • In-patient weight and obesity management methods
  • Case study of migraine

Argumentative Research Topics

  • Philosophy as a career choice: is it productive enough?
  • Reasons why everyone will benefit from taking online courses
  • Can individual actions affect the climate change situation?

22 November 2019

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