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Easy Essay Topics that Work for All Students

What's preventing you from writing all essays that your professors assign? When you develop basic essay skills, you can write a good paper as long as you like the topic. But if you can't think of good essay topics, you can't force yourself to start. You don't feel inspired. Maybe you'll start, but you'll get stuck somewhere along the research process.

When professors allow students to choose their own topics, they tend to complicate things. Students want to look special. They will choose topics they feel strongly about, but they can't expose convincing arguments when they are too passionate about them. Sometimes they don't know what to write about. They lack inspiration and they don't know where to find it. The simplest solution in that situation is hiring an essay writing service.

Before you go in that direction, allow us to suggest a few easy essay topics that can inspire you to write. We'll provide them in categories by the type of essay.

What Are Some Easy Essay Topics for College Students?

You should always opt for interesting essay topics. What gets your attention? Conduct preliminary research to see if the topic holds your interest. If you find enough resources and you feel like you can form unique arguments around them, go for it!

Let's start with the list of simple essay topics that will get you inspired to write.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The controversy of greater gun control
  2. Why people deserve to listen to music and watch movies for free online
  3. How teachers are responsible for low average test scores
  4. Do video games spoil children?
  5. Should recreational marijuana use be allowed on campus?
  6. Do people with physical abilities deserve special treatment during the job hiring process?
  7. The issue of homework: how teachers overwhelm students and make them lose interest in studying
  8. Should the government regulate a woman's right to get an abortion?
  9. People, not religion, cause wars
  10. Should prisoners be allowed to vote and decide on the future of all citizens?

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. “Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll” is the culture of modern enlightenment
  2. Atheists are more devoted believers than religious people
  3. How the U.S. society uses immigrants as modern slaves
  4. Is zero CO2 emission possible by 2050?
  5. How hybrid cars will change our future
  6. Why students should be allowed to keep dogs and cats in their dorm rooms
  7. How oil companies ruined the planet's future
  8. Should athletes who take steroids be banned from competitions?
  9. Should parents be allowed to decide for their children's vaccines?
  10. Is zero-litter possible for modern-day families?

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. The similarities and differences between ancient Roman and Greek philosophers
  2. Compare the characteristics of Renaissance and Baroque art
  3. Compare the characteristics of house and techno music
  4. The similarities and differences between bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa
  5. Compare two of Shakespeare's tragedies
  6. High school vs. college relationships – how are they different and similar?
  7. Where do atheists and Christians agree and disagree on the issue of the origins of the Universe?
  8. Classic vs. modern literature
  9. Is it better to watch a movie or read a book to understand the real message?
  10. Freelance vs. 9-to-5 jobs – how do they compare?

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. What triggers bullying behavior?
  2. What are the effects of bullying over the victim's emotional and mental health?
  3. How homeschooling affects a learner's employability in the future
  4. How standardized testing imposes unfair standards of grading
  5. What causes so many start-up businesses to fail?
  6. How globalization contributed to the greenhouse effect
  7. What effect does social media have over a student's ability to learn?
  8. How oversaturation of cities causes poverty in remote regions
  9. How did India become so polluted?
  10. What's the future of technology and how does it depend on today's innovations?

Easy Informative Essay Topics

  1. Describe the life and work of Nicola Tesla
  2. Choose one important discovery by NASA and describe it
  3. How is the U.S. government structured?
  4. Describe the causes, symptoms, and treatment of clinical depression
  5. Discuss child obesity
  6. Research ancient Greek art and describe its main characteristics
  7. How do prisons work in terms of resocialization?
  8. What are the origins of religion?
  9. What are the origins of prostitution and what status does it have in today's societies?
  10. What is sleep paralysis? Discuss its causes and potential solutions.

Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. Can bullying be prevented in schools?
  2. How can college campuses offer better prevention from sexual assaults?
  3. How can the global shipping industry reduce CO2 emissions with solutions that deliver quick results?
  4. How can Western European countries solve the issue of undocumented immigrants?
  5. Is it possible to convince a friend not to commit suicide?
  6. How can high-school teachers make the curriculum less boring?
  7. How can college students solve the problem of getting too much homework?
  8. How can poor college students get enough finances to support themselves without sacrificing their studying time?
  9. How can a single person contribute towards the solution of a global problem?
  10. How can police brutality be prevented by the government?

Easy How to Essay Topics

  1. How to build muscle mass without physical exercise
  2. How to pay for college when you're poor and you don't have a scholarship?
  3. How to choose and buy a used car that gives you great value
  4. How to stop drinking when all college friends push you towards such a behavior?
  5. How to start a business as a college student and make it work
  6. How to live the life you always wished for as a child
  7. How to travel as a true adventurer
  8. How to give a speech that inspires people to make a change in their lives
  9. How to write a beautiful love letter
  10. How to take care of a dog as a pet

Easy Expository Essay Topics

  1. Explain why college students should or shouldn't wear school uniforms
  2. You're alone in an elevator with a person you admire. What conversation will you start?
  3. If you had the power to change one thing in this world, what would it be?
  4. Why is it so hard for teenagers to deal with the divorce of their parents?
  5. What's the most productive way for a college student to spend their free time?
  6. Explain the reasons why a college student needs to work
  7. Describe the effects of recreational use of drugs
  8. Explain why it is so difficult for long-term smokers to quit smoking
  9. Do you think that fast fashion is good for society?
  10. What actions are you taking to prevent global warming from getting more serious?

Is Easy Essay Writing Even Possible?

The essay writing process gets easier when you choose the right topic. However, the paper isn't going to write itself. No matter how simple and inspiring the topic is, you still need to do the work.

The best way to make it easier is to start early. Waiting until the last minute is a sure sign that you'll need to get essay writing help. If you start on time, you'll have enough space to do the research and develop the topic in a good direction. You won't feel stressed, so this may turn out to be a great paper after all.

22 November 2019

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